Frequently Asked Questions

What is

ShareParent is designed with parents in mind who share visitation of a child/children. It provides a centralized location to easily keep track of all interactions with your ShareParent.

How is using ShareParent different than other email and calendar services?

ShareParent is different from other email and calendar services because it provides many features specifically tailored to facilitate your needs when navigating visitation.


ShareParent gives you the ability to keep constant communication while providing you the ability to maintain your privacy. Phone numbers, emails and social media accounts can remain separate and secure.


Each interaction sent through ShareParent is logged and can be retrieved for personal and professional reference when needed. You have the ability to archive a message but never delete or change what your ShareParent has sent.


The event calendar can only be accessed by the two people on a team. This calendar gives you the freedom to add short term and long term events as you deem necessary while your ShareParent does the same. Each person on the team is granted the ability to adjust events posted by the other person.

There are many options that ShareParent provides, but our main difference is that we provide comfort, peace of mind and neutral ground for both individuals.

What is a Team?

A Team consist of two separate parents (ShareParents) who each register for an account to share a visitation schedule. The total cost for the team's ONE YEAR subscription is $20.00.

How many people can I have on my team?

The purpose of ShareParent is to keep a detailed schedule between two parties. While you may create other teams, each team of two is granted complete privacy. Our goal is to facilitate two parties a private and civil cooperation.

Can I set up an account with more than one person?

Yes. You can set up as many two person teams as you need. If you have more than one shareparent, for example you can go to your teams page and invite them to join a team with you. Invite as many people as you would like to join a team with you including but not limited to your parents and/or inlaws.

What if I don't know my share parent's email?

You do not need to know your share parent's email address to add them to your team. A unique ShareParent code is created when you register for an account. The code can be found on your Teams page. Share this code with the person you would like to be on your team and they can enter it when they register for an account.

Why can't I delete my account?

By design, ShareParent is a unique service where both parents share one account. To prevent one person from deleting the account and all the information included, we require both parents permission to cancel the joint account. If both parties would like the account closed, please use the Need Help link at the bottom of the page and we will close the account for you.

Why cant I change my Child's information?

We ask that you enter your child's correct name and date of birth upon registration because we use this information to verify that we are linking the correct accounts into one team. If you are experiencing any issues with your child's information, please contact us and we will assist you through that process.

None of the questions listed above relates to my problem. Who can I contact with more help about ShareParent?

Fill out the form below to email us. You can expect to receive a response within 2 business days.